Mid Summer Nights 30km Race Recap

This was my third year in a row running in the Mid Summer Night’s 30km race.  This race is different from most being that it starts at 5:30pm and goes through the evening.  The race has a fairy theme every year and most participants wear their favourite tutu’s and fairy wings.  For me, I had no time goals going into the race, I just wanted to enjoy it and have fun.  My only plan was to start out at a 5:30/avg pace and increase it if I felt good.  The past two years I bonked out at 25k, and my goal was to not let that happen this year.

I met my friend Ang and her hubby and we headed downtown to meet up with other members from our running group. We parked very close to the start/finish line, got our tutu’s on and headed over to the park.  We easily located our friends once we got there and hung around and chatted before making our way to the start line.  A few of us decided to run together and try to maintain the 5:30/avg pace.  We were lucky at the start this year as the temps were much cooler then they have been in the past.  The sun was still out and it was warm, but there was a nice breeze the entire time.  I started out quite comfortably and decided to do walk breaks every 15min, just as I do in my Sunday long runs.  Our starting group of 5 started to separate early on, just past 5k.  One other of my running peeps, Matt and I continued to run together.  We kept a good pace and we talked about picking it up slightly around 20k if we felt good.  We slowly increased the pace just after the 21k mark.  Our pace came down to around 5:26/avg and we kept on going at that.  We headed into Ash Bridges Bay, did the loop around the boardwalk and turned back.  I started feeling a bit nauseous as there was some interesting smells coming from the air.  I let up a bit and Matt kept telling me we only have a couple left, let’s get it done.  With 4k to go I was starting to fatigue.  I kept moving forward one foot after the other.  Finally we made the final turn and ran right to the finish.  I was happy to be done!  We ended with a 5:24/avg pace which gave me a chip time of 2:43:42.  I was quite pleased as I managed to stay right on with my original game plan.

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2 Responses to Mid Summer Nights 30km Race Recap

  1. Carlos says:

    Great Post Kelly!

  2. Danya says:

    It’s such a great feeling to be able to stick to a plan and finish feeling good about a race. Once again – Rockstar!

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