My 1st Tri-aTri part 2!


I ran with my bike out of transition and up a grass path to the road way. I had a gel opened and in my mouth as I was in transition. I hoped on the bike and took a big chug from my water bottle.  I was feeling a little fatigue after the swim and quick transition to the bike. I made sure to hydrate lots while on the bike. I was getting passed by others and I was doing some passing as well.  I felt like I was at the turn around in no time.  The course was very flat so I didn’t have to change gears much which was good because I didn’t have to think! After the turn I told myself again to try to relax. I found myself really breathing heavy and I could tell I was working hard. I passed a couple more people before making my way back into the park for transition 2. I was all alone coming in, jumped off my bike, and ran towards the rack. I quickly racked the bike, ripped my helmet off and headed out for the run.

Bike – 20:54, 28.7km/hr, 4/7 category, 60/100 overall, 39 seconds in transition 2.


I was out of the transition very quick. I had to run up a slight hill on the grass before hitting the road. It was slippery so I tried to take it easy there. I made it to the road and I took off.  I was passing people like crazy. I knew I would be strong here, some went with it. I made another right turn down a small hill and went right past the water station and around the turn around. Went back up, and made 2 quick left hand turns and I was coming back onto the grass in the park.  I looked ahead and saw one girl in my age group and told myself I had to catch her. I passed her going up the last grass hill before the finish line! I flew down the last hill and ran across the line, where I received a hand shake and congratulations from the race director himself.

2.5km run, 11:49 min, 4:44/km, 1/9 category, 4/100 overall.

About 10 minutes after I finished the rain came! It was pouring! We waited to hear the awards. At this point I had no clue where I was in the standings. They announced my age group, and I hear my name for first place! My Dad and I screamed, we couldn’t believe it! I went up, got to stand on the podium and get my gold medal, and yes all of this in the pouring rain! I was grinning ear to ear, so proud of myself and still in shock.

Still on my first tri high, I can say this will not be my last. I look forward to tr-ing this again one day very soon.  Thanks to my friends for your help, advice and amazing support. I couldn’t have done it without all of you! 🙂

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2 Responses to My 1st Tri-aTri part 2!

  1. Marlene says:

    First place on your first one! See, you’re a natural! Great race, girl!!!

  2. Carlos says:

    GIRRRRLLLL!!!!!! Sorry I just read this now – super proud babes.

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