My 1st Tri-a-Tri, part 1!

At the beginning of my summer training cycle I knew I didn’t have a marathon goal. I really wanted to enjoy my summer and try something different.  With many runner friends making the switch to triathlon, I wondered if it could be for me too? I started doing a lot more cycling and more recently have added 1-2 open water swims a week. I signed up for my first tri-a-tri and decided to give it a shot!

With the weather calling for thunderstorms all day Saturday I was nervous as to what would happen.  Being a tri newbie I made to sure to leave plenty of time to get there.  My Dad picked me up He’s we headed north to Bracebridge. It rained on and off the entire drive. When we got to the race site it was surprisingly sunny. With still 2 hours until the start I knew anything could still happen. I got registered, picked up my bib, chip and got body marked. We waited around for a bit, scoped out the transitions and watched the finish of the sprint run. At this point in time because of all the rain the bike portion of the course was possibly going to be cancelled. We hung around and waited to rack my bike. With just over an hour before race start they announced we would bike, but the route would be shortened by 1k due to some road flooding. I got my bike and rest of my gear down to the rack to get set up.


Nerves aside I was ready to go! Luckily there was still no rain, so I headed down to the water to get my spot.  They lined all athletes up on the dock, with the first 10 or so in the water. They started with the youngest and let one athlete go every 5 seconds. I got in the water, got up to the starter and there I went! The 400m course was in a narrow river that was completely calm. I started out and felt ok. I made the first turn and was feeling good. I was getting passed by other swimmers, but this didn’t concern me as I knew the swim was my weakest. Once I made the turn around I found myself in a jungle of weeds! I tried to swim away from them but went through instead ha! I got a little flustered but told myself to relax. I continued on and found a groove. It was over so fast and I found myself on the beach.  I ran up through the transition trying to catch my breath! Made it to my bike, quickly dried my feet, tossed on some clothes, helmet and grabbed a gel and my bike.

400m swim, 13:57min, 3:30/100m includes transition #1, 7/9 category, 82/100 overall


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One Response to My 1st Tri-a-Tri, part 1!

  1. Marlene says:

    I hated swimming through those weeds too! Ick.

    Awesome job staying calm on the swim and doing your thing!

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